I apologize in advance for the length of this info. But, we need to try to be a diligent as we can be about our curriculum decisions. Some of you probably already know exactly what you need. But, here is the info and order form below. Thank you so much for your help, your leadership, and your kindness as we make this change to our Sunday morning curriculum. You are very amazing leaders!

Remember that you have 2 distinct choices under the Bible for Life Studies curriculum. The Personal Study guides and Leader books are a very good, but more traditional model where your group member reads/studies the lesson prior to the class that is to be taught on a given Sunday. It is divided up into Young Adults, Adults, and Senior Adults.

In the Daily Discipleship Guide format, you introduce, teach, and discuss the topic and scripture passage on Sunday. Then your group members have 5 short daily devotionals and scripture passages for the week following a particular lesson. It helps build the habit of daily Bible reading. I'm not pushing either way. I think either option is excellent. The scriptures are the same - just a bit different in approach. And all of it is under Lifeway's "Bible Studies for Life" curriculum. The following is a summary of the new Bible Studies for Life Daily Discipleship Guide from Lifeway.---->


A New Way to Do Bible Study---

"The Bible has an answer for everything. But it does take a little time to find it. A little time, every single day. That’s why we are so excited about the Daily Discipleship Guide. This resource offers content and questions for your weekly small group meeting, plus five devotions to reinforce the learning all week long. So you get a great group experience and you develop the habit of daily Scripture reading.

Research shows that the single greatest predictor for spiritual growth is daily Bible reading. With traditional Bible study, participants meet in a group to discuss what they learned from each Bible study session. With the new Daily Discipleship Guide approach, participants meet as a group first and then reinforce what they learned and discussed through five daily private or family devotions (and for some, in smaller discipleship groups later in the week).

This approach promotes daily Bible reading. It’s also guest friendly and makes it easy to train new leaders. That’s why the Daily Discipleship Guide will be available for several Bible studies this fall. Select a cover to learn more about each individual resource."


Ok - back to Brian S ramblings - Here are some things to think to remember:

  • Each leader should order a Leader Guide for themselves and their assistant, unless you choose the Daily Discipleship guide(aforementioned) that has teacher notes in the back of every book. Also, each leader should put the number of Herschel Hobbs commentaries and/or Biblical Illustrators you want also. We will order those resources only for group leaders or assistants. If you do happen choose the new Daily Discipleship Guide, remember that, although your teaching notes are in the back of the regular Daily Discipleship Guide, you can still also supplement your teaching with the Hobbs Commentary and/or Biblical Illustrator.
  • The Personal Study guides are for your group participants if you do not choose the Daily Discipleship Guide format. Tim and I can take a look at the rolls. However, for various reasons, we feel better about you giving us the total number of group member books you think you will need. Just give it your best estimate, considering that the numbers will certainly be higher in September. No worries, if you underestimate, we can order more within a couple of days. If we have more than needed, we can return them within a given time period. Now worries. Just give us the most accurate estimate that you have.
  • Regardless of your choice of the Daily Discipleship Guide format or the Personal Study guide format, every leader should feel free to also order the Herschel Hobbs Commentary and/or The Biblical IllustratorThe Herschel Hobbs Commentary is an in-depth and trusted commentary that can be used with any of the adult Bible Studies for Life resources. The Hobbs is a trusted commentary that is quite old and KJV-based, but interacts with all major, modern English translations. The Biblical Illustrator is one of my favorites. Very interesting. It is a trusted quarterly resource tool that helps you understand the culture of biblical times so that you can better apply biblical truth. It is a nice, magazine-style resource that contains:
    • Well-researched articles from respected scholars
    • Vivid portraits of Bible lands, people, history, and customs
    • Maps, archaeological finds, and remarkable color photos

It may not be until after our first quarter of using this curriculum that you, as a leader, will decide on what teaching resources you want to use long term. Or, if you have already may that decision, great! The Hobbs Commentary and Biblical Illustrator are by far the most expensive products that we will purchase. However, I want you to feel free to try them out.  If you order a commentary or Illustrator this time, but decide next quarter that you rarely use it, then we can we can shave the order down a bit for next time.

Below you will find the order form that each Sunday group leader should complete. The results will come straight to my email. Call me, email, or text for any questions. I know some of it can be a little confusing.

Brian Sloan - 770-530-3972  - bsloan@chestnutmountain.org


(For your convenience, here are links to all of the materials if you would like to download a copy. These examples are generally from previous quarters, but are used for examples of the materials).

Then, don't forget to place your orders. .....And do you want fries or a salad with that?

 Click on any link to download any material for which you have a question.

* Daily Discipleship Guide (Leader Material in back)

* Young Adult Personal Study Guide

Adult Personal Study Guide

Senior Adult Personal Study Guide

* Young Adult Leader Guide

* Adult Leader Guide

* Senior Adult Leader Guide

* Herschel Hobbs Commentary

* Biblical Illustrator


Curriculum Order Form

List the number of books you need in each category that applies to you.


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Daily Discipleship Guide (Includes leader guide in back).
Young Adult Personal Study Guide
Adult Personal Study Guide
Senior Adult Personal Study Guide
Young Adult Leader Guide
Adult Leader Guide
Senior Adult Leader Guide
Herschel Hobbs Commentary
Biblical Illustrator
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